Monday, March 15, 2010

Formal has finally arrived

After having to postpone it two times, a local school finally held their formal for 6 - 8 graders of all catholic schools in the area. The girls had been looking forward to this for weeks, new dresses, worrying about the hair, the whole spiel. They looked adorable when all was said and done

Gabrielle had her friend to go with and they had a good time, lots of line dancing and just chatting with friends, mostly the boys from their class
Rachel did not have a good time at all, poor thing, sounds like her friends didn't really hang out with her that much, the whole thing was boring and I wound up picking her up after about 2 hours. I felt so bad that she didn't have a better experience, especially since I made her clean her room in order to be able to go and that alone took her days! I guess at least one good thing came out of it then... :) It's amazing how fiercely protective a mother feels about her children, I am pretty angry at some of those girls, especially the ones who proclaim to be her friend only to disappear at the first chance for something better. I suppose those things build character and make them stronger, I just wish I could take all the pain away...don't we all!

The snow around here is pretty much gone, it's really amazing how fast that happened. It's warmer outside and I saw the first buds poking out of the ground. I love it! The robins are hopping around in the yard and the birds are chirping in the morning, oh glorious spring. Ok, here are a couple of pages

those last two are supposed to go together, the pictures are from the last pancake breakfast at Church we went to. They had those pretty silk flower pots on the tables and it just made me feel so springy :)
The page above that is another photo from the formal, she was getting ready to go and had her coat on and it just reminded me of a local christian rock band. I had seen their photo on a billboard and it had this grungy look to it, I loved it. So of course I had to try it. I found a preset on my Lightroom that gave me the effect on the photo, Lynn's worn edges and voila! That was a fun one to do.
At Creating Keepsake one of my pages was nominated for Reader's Choice, which means that people can vote for which page they would like to be published in a future issue. I think this is my 4th time, but I never get picked. Here is the link if you would like to vote (and you can go back and vote as many times as you like, which I think is kind of dumb) The link takes you directly to the survey, just click on it and vote (for me of course :)) It's the page I did a couple of weeks ago about Helen and going out to eat with her. I think if she knew she might wind up in a magazine, she would die :) Or maybe not....
I am filling out school papers left and right, time to sign the kids up for next year, which of course means Gabrielle going to Highschool. Nice to get it all done. It seems as though there is always something to read, fill out or pay for when it comes to school, I am looking forward to summer, when I don't have to hear anything else about it for a while. I never thought I would feel that way.
Okay, time to do some paperwork. Have a wonderful Monday everybody and I hope you all set your clocks forward....

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