Friday, March 26, 2010

New bag

I just received my new Epiphanie camera bag this morning and let me tell you, it's awesome. Just the right size, the right weight, perfect look, lots of room for other stuff... I am so thrilled. I have the JillE and it's really nice, but way too big. Look at my new darling

It's expensive, but there isn't that much out there that could function as a purse/camera bag without looking manly or cheap. So... I am a happy camper!
I received an email from a lady at Kodak who wants to do a feature about me being published. How cool is that!!! I'll let you know more later on, but she was very sweet!

I feel like I don't have kids anymore. They never come home before 4 PM anymore, with that play practice they have every single day. Some days they have to stay until 4.30.  Then of course we have piano and Karate, so a lot of evenings are busy too. I can't wait for summer break (who would have ever thought I would say that)
I have been working through that photoshop magazine some more, boy, they have some fun stuff in there. There is a tutorial on how to make a person look like a creature from Avatar. Who knows, maybe I will try it just for fun. Gabrielle would look really good in blue :) Anyway, there was another tutorial I liked

Isn't that reflection just too cool? I had to do the tut step by step, I could have never figured that one out by myself.
Talking about Photoshop, you have to watch this video, it's awesome. Now, I have no idea how he does this stuff, but man, he is good!!! Anything is possible in Photoshop :)

I did another page yesterday, the flowers are poking their little heads out of the ground and I just couldn't resist the first crocus

I must be on an orange kick these last few days, there is this cool kit in the store (well, not yet, this weekend) and it just grabbed my attention I guess.

Here is a picture of the crocus before I used the preset

and here are a couple more pictures
I always liked that view of the bridge, I didn't have my larger zoom with me. I'll have to do it again some day.
Gabrielle reading the introduction at Mass this morning. She was really good, poised and perfectly spoken. These kids grow up doing these things and it's not a big deal to them. I would be so nervous, it would be sad to watch :)

Well, it's time to pick the kids up from school. I haven't even decided what to make for dinner yet, let alone started cooking... oh boy, and tonight is piano night.... help!


Terry said...

oh love your new bag!! my bag is ugly. maybe I should start looking around.

Oh--I never see my kid anymore. Only when he's sleeping. They grow up and don't stay home much.

Jeanne said...

What a lovely bag! You are very lucky!

The layouts are amazing, as are the photos you have taken.

My oldest (all of 8 1/2) is away at a Girl Scout camp this weekend. It's her first time away from the family and it feels sort of strange, but I KNOW she will have a fabulous time. We are on the fringes of your busy life, I think.

What did you end up making/buying for dinner? LOL

jeanne said...

Ohhhhhh what a yummy bag. I want one!! Great shots. How exciting about the Kodak lady. Please post when you can.

Barb said...

ooo Anke! I told my DH about your bag. Some day...SOME DAY...when I can afford a nice camera other than my point and shoot I have got to be able to get a bag like that. I need it for a purse, too, because I always have my camera with me!!

Aren't you proud of Gabrielle? But me, I love to do that! My FAVORITE is to read scripture in the service. I always felt it was such an honor to read God's word to His people!

Carol said...

Love the new bag, you are very lucky!

Linda said...

Oh I don't come here nearly enough! You are so productive that I had tons to catch up on! :D

I am so in love with your work. I truly am. You are fantastic!

Oh, nice bag! I think I will order one from emera. I need a big bag. I have so much junk, lol.

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