Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not a whole week

I am getting better, but not as good as I was hoping. At least it's only Saturday and my last post was on Tuesday. That much for keeping daily entries. Not going to happen :)

Phil's birthday was on Thursday. Poor guy had such a busy day and was really tired. Gabrielle really wanted to take him out to eat where somebody would sing to him, but he just wasn't up to it, so we wound up at Panera Bread again. They should give us a discount for all the time we are there... Trying to think here, nothing much has happened. The kids have been using the Pool, I am afraid we have a leak somewhere, the filter doesn't get enough pressure, so the automatic sweeper isn't working. It's probably the underground hose from the skimmer to the filter. It was here when we bought the house and that was in '88, imagine how old that thing must be. Soooo, that means we will have to take up the deck boards and dig. Well, not us but somebody. More expenses! Of course now the heater is not working anymore either, might be for the same reason, boy this stinks. I don't swim in cold water, so it's just the kids using it now. Oh well!

We went to Mass yesterday. I proposed trying out a different Church for a change. The endless slow singing in our Church drives me crazy at times. I know, I know, I need to work on my patience....anyway, that particular Church is usually fast, no singing at all. Of course yesterday was Mission Sunday Mass and there was a different Priest from India who happened to like singing and was really slow. How is that for immediate punishment from above!  It was still better than ours :)

I have been working on my 365 pages, here are two more, slightly different

Project-365-week-22 Project-365-week-23

I get too bored using the same format all the time.


these were from a recent trip to Ohiopyle, boy was it chilly and wet that day and I almost ran out of gas. Who would have thought that a tourist spot like that had no gas station at all. We were in the middle of nowhere and had to drive more than 10 miles at least to the next station on our way home. What a day! It was a fun place though, I'll have more pages later, oh wait, I just did page 3 yesterday:


There will be more, this is not a threat!

2009-6-25-DD-See 2009-6-27-DD-Love-(balloons)

just some fun ones. These are all in my Designer digitals gallery.

Okay, have a wonderful Sunday everybody!


Jeanne said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Phil. Hope he got to enjoy at least a little bit of it.

Great layouts, Anke! I really like your style. It's not one I could probably replicate but I sure appreciate the look you are able to achieve.

Hope you can get your pool fixed. It's no fun not being able to play!

Tracy said...

Oh no regarding the pool, we are forever shelling out money on our spa, to the point now where I want to get rid of it. Great layouts! Belated Birthday Wishes to Phil.

Heather said...

Happy 21st birthday to Phil! Lovin' all the LOs - keep 'em coming!

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