Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Boy, I am really going from bad to worse, I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post! I guess life just keeps going on and nothing much out of the ordinary happens, so why post?! I know, I know, I will really try to do better, then it will even be less work. It's like the 365 pages, if I had just kept up with them, it wouldn't be so overwhelming now. I have the whole month of May to do and June up to now. Good grief! It just gets so boring, after a while they all look the same and it doesn't feel like art anymore. I need to get moving on those though, because I really want to have that book at the end of the year!

There is nothing new yet with Phil. We are still waiting for the call from the Cardiologist to schedule the Echo and we'll go from there. He is convinced he'll need the valve replacement and it's really bumming him out. Just the idea of spending the rest of your life on Coumadin....he won't be able to much of sports, no skiing, nothing dangerous (not that he does that anyway, but you know what I mean) We'll just have to wait and see.

Summer vacation is great, the kids sleep in every morning and we have a leisurely start of the day, I love that. Of course, what do I do but sit at my computer and scrap or get up-to-date in the galleries. Little Sweetie is such a sweetie. Max and she get along so well, it's adorable. They play together like two lunatics. I took some pictures, haven't scrapped them yet though.

Yesterday one of Gabrielle's birds died, she was sobbing! I have no idea what happened, he was fine one day and the next day she found him all quiet and puffed up and getting cold already. Well, he didn't last til that night. He was really still a baby, we had only had him for a few months. I felt so bad for her...

I am still taking Katrina's class at She is really good and I have learned a few things. It's still confusing to me though, I will have to go through my notes again. This AV and AE stuff swirls around in my head and that was just lesson 2 :) I also bought 2 books: David Busch's Nikon D300 guide and Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson. They were both recommended to me by Amy L., so they have to be good. It just takes time to go through all of this stuff. I also have this book on Lightroom that I only started. Good Grief, give me more time...

Okay, here are some pages

2009-6-10-DD-Got-Milksleep-sweet-baby 2009-6-`2-DD-Cute-beyond-measure2009-6-19-DD-What's-in-the-fridge

The first ones of course are of Sweetie, the last one  is Chubby, our other cat, who is not too keen on the new intruder. She is getting better though, she doesn't hiss quite as easily at her anymore. She'll come around eventually.

 2009-6-13-DD-Sat 2009-6-15-DD-When-I-grow-up2 2009-6-16-DD-Forever 2009-6-17-DD-Celebrate  2009-6-20-DD-Happy  2009-6-20-DD-take-chances 

The puppy belongs to friends of ours, I caught him trying to sneak some Hohos off the table and managed to get a blurry photograph, it was just too cute to pass up.

Rachel at the spring recital, I was so proud of both of them to go up there and play, I know they were terrified, but they all did it!

There are two Heritage pages, me, Heritage, yuck! I love doing these though, it's so fun finding just the right papers to give the correct feel.

These pages are for PixelCanvas, you can find all the credits in my gallery there

2009-6-11-PC-Spring-Recital 2009-6-12-PC-Deat-Fruit 2009-6-19-PC-Spring 20009-6-12-PC-On-the-prowl 

Of course Sweetie pops up everywhere. I still have a ton of fun pictures of her to scrap.

Our pool is finally open and the kids have been using it every day. Good for them! I want them to have fun while they are off school. It's not very likely that we will be going anywhere this summer, unless the news about Phil will be good. Please, keep praying. Thanks you guys, I am so glad you are coming around to see me and I will really try to come and visit you more often too :)

Have a great Father's Day all you guys out there!!

signing off for now...


Terry said...

oh I hear what you mean--so much to do and so little time. Geez--why do I sign up for all these classes and then just get behind!!

Phil is constantly in my prayers.

sounds like your summer is full of fun.

Heather said...

May you have many more Father's Days to celebrate with Phil, right by your side. {hugs}

I finally got the courage to shoot in full manual mode and in RAW. I'm still not really strong, but practice makes perfect, so I'm off to practice (because I'm sure as heck not exactly where I want to be). Sigh, the D300 is such a wonderful camera, but I'm so non-technical....

Jeanne said...

I sure hope the news is better than Phil thinks it will be. Will keep you all in my thoughts.

Look at you create! I counted 15 layouts in this post! 15! Wow...I might have made 15 in the last 6 months maybe and here you've done it in two weeks. You are truly amazing.

Each is a piece of art in its own right. Love the Sweetie in the fridge and the ho ho thief layouts. Heck I love 'em all but those two made giggle!

Have a wonderful summer and keep on doing what your doing. With these fab layouts, it appears to be working for you!


latz said...

Lots of wonderful layouts--it was worth the wait to see such great work. Will keep your hubby and family in my prayers--I'm sure the waiting and not knowing is tough.

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