Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A cool link

Somebody posted this link on the DD forums this morning, it's the coolest thing ever. Some people already knew about it, but it was new to me. All you do is drag your photos into the program, then click the button to create a collage and wham, it's done. I saved mine as a PSD file, because I wanted to be able to fiddle with it, but here is the page I created with it


It literally took me 60 seconds to make the collage and it was such fun. You can do different shapes they have there or draw your own. Try it

Jessica Sprague is celebrating her 2nd birthday and there is lots of stuff going on. They are offering a free photo editing class, all you have to do is sign up. What do you have to loose? They also added some new features to the site, like a community similar to facebook, pretty cool!

I actually made it to Karate tonight, I was able to kick better than before but after a while it was really pulling. I was glad when class was over. Then Sabomnim asked me if I could come up in the morning and teach class. Man!!!! I was really planning on staying home and scrapping or maybe getting my bills paid...he has to go look at a new car because his is falling apart, so I have to open up and close the darn place. How could I say no, he didn't have anybody else. Oh well, maybe I'll skip tomorrow night then.

It was a hot one today, the first day I felt like we are having summer here. With piano and this darn computer I never made it to the pool though and tomorrow doesn't look much better. Karate in the morning, then piano for Gabi and Michael, then tutoring. Yuck!

At least I got another 365 page done, I only have 4 more to go just to catch up!


I try to make the facing pages match as much as I can, so it will look better once the book is printed.

I also have to try and catch up with Katrina's photography class, today we got the new lesson and I am still trying to work on the 2 previous ones! The light and that I understand, it's all the buttons I can't figure out...

Oh well, this was supposed to be just a short update, man can I babble or what. Talk to you tomorrow maybe!!! I am trying :)


Jeanne said...

That looks like a cool download. I like how the photos are shaped in a V. Good job on the 365 layout. You'll get there!

Sounds like you are going to be busy. Didn't you just say your back isn't doing so great and now you are teaching a class in Karate? Well, maybe you watch more than do, right? LOL

I used layered templates to make my layouts, which helps in making them a bit more quickly. I'm no designer or artist like you are!

Ann said...

Thanks for that inof. I saw your page at Jessica's and really like it. I will have to try it out. I have another blog that I have been working on come over and give me your opinion.

Never say Never!

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