Saturday, April 21, 2012

Some Days....

...are definitely worse than others, that's for sure. Usually the days just flow along with school and all the other stuff that comes with that. Thursday was just slightly worse. Gabrielle had her impacted wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday, so I kept her home that morning. We went to meet with my friend and aside from Gabby's pain and feeling tired, we all had a good time. When it was time to pick up the other two I received a phone call from the principal to come see her in her office. Turns out Michael wrote a not so nice note to a classmate and they were caught. Yikes! Then we finally get home and Gabby tells me Zazoo managed to take off. (African Grey) It was a nice day, she was sitting outside with Phil and the bird was plucking his feathers like crazy, something he has started doing a lot this last week or so. He looks like a chicken ready to be roasted.. anyway, she took him outside and somehow he decided to take off. I thought for sure we would find him in the bushes around the pool, since he really doesn't know how to fly well, let alone land. Nothing! We combed through the neighborhood, the woods, looked at all the trees, called his name.... nothing! I finally started making dinner and thought about finding a photo to print and distribute in the neighborhood when somebody rang the doorbell. I had told a neighbor about the bird and these people must have been driving through the neighborhood asking people if they knew who he belonged to, since they found him a whole block below us and took him home. Needless to say, we were elated! Poor thing was sitting on a chair in their home, he must have been scared out of his mind. Well, he is back home now, hopefully his adventure will last him for a while. He is getting his wings trimmed first thing! I am thinking that Sammy dying must really bother him, he must feel lonely. I had to put this nasty spray on him so he would stop the plucking! Poor baby. Lock at him

At least the nice weather has been around a little more, we have had some beautiful days, Phil has been enjoying the patio again and of course the weeds are growing like crazy!
I received a letter from our insurance carrier, demanding we replace our roof and rain spouts and install handrails on our front steps. I felt like asking them why they didn't insist on a new sidewalk and maybe an elevator, while we are at it! Sounds like extortion to me, here I thought I had moved to the United States, I feel like I'm back in Germany with all the rules and regulations. For what this is going to cost, we would be better off buying a new house! I was really ticked off when I read that letter. I asked my agent to look for a different insurance company. It's not even so much that we have to get this done, I had already been getting bids for a new roof, it's the idea that they have the right to demand this kind of work to be done. What's going to be next? Is your health insurance going to tell you that you are not allowed to eat red meat? Well, enough of the ranting...
Easter was nice, I can't believe how fast all this goes by, one more month and school will be out. I can't wait! Gabby was invited to the junior prom at Riley's school, so here we go again, looking for a dress. I am happy for her though, I want her to have the experience.

I took pictures of Owen, he was not very cooperative, but I think the pictures turned out well anyway

and some photos of his cousin :)

she is going to use these for a modeling site.... I did some of Rachel for the same thing

I didn't get a whole lot of scrapping done, it took me 4 days to get my last Project Life spread finished, yikes!

and the project life pages...

I am still not caught up and at the speed I am doing these at, I will never make it LOL. I love the project though, I really do! It's so fun to go back over the old books and there is so much pertinent information listed.

Well, time to get ready to face the day. Rachel and I have an appointment at Sephora later today :)
Have a nice weekend!

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