Sunday, September 30, 2012


I wonder if everybody has just given up on me. I sort of have given up blogging for a while, there are too many things I always have to keep up with, photography, scrapping, the kids' school stuff, housework, husband, the list goes on and on. Blogging somehow ended up at the bottom of the heap, especially since a lot of people are on Facebook and get my updates that way. But not everybody is, so it doesn't seem fair not to let them know what's going on around here.
Well, it looks as though we found a house in historic Charleston. Our bid was accepted, now we are waiting for inspection and hopefully we won't find anything really bad we don't know about yet. This was a really big step, we have only been down there once, but we all fell in love with the small yet busy town and the living in the city bit. I never thought I would enjoy that! The house is much smaller than what we have now and so is the yard, but we do have a little pool in the back, which is pretty rare in that area. We are pretty excited, so keep your fingers crossed for us. For now it will be an investment/vacation home, we'll see how that goes. Eventually we are planning to move down there, but not for a while yet. Can you imagine living 20 minutes from the beach? I love that idea! Anyway, that is the great news for now.
I have been working on the pages about our trip down there, I love Lynn Grieveson's templates and will use them for the whole trip, just changing the colors for each spread

I have been keeping busy with the kids, as usual there seems to be an appointment for one thing or another all the time. I just got my car back the other day after having had it in the shop for 3 weeks. Regrettably Gabby had a close encounter with another car and got my whole front smashed in. Fortunately she wasn't hurt, just hysterical because the guy was "f-ing" and "mf-ing" her the whole time. What a gentleman! I am just glad to be putting all that behind us plus I think that all this is making her even more careful now.

Well, all my friends, I have been missing all of you, I will try to be a little more diligent with the blogging :)

Talk to you soon!


Jeanne said...

Good to "see" you again, Anke! Sounds like you've been very busy. I know how that goes and sometimes, you just need a break. I know how that goes, too!

Good luck with everything. Great layouts and I'm glad your daughter came out of the fenderfight relatively unscathed, even if your car didn't.

Terry said...

I say you move there!!! Surely hubby can get a job! Just think--not as much snow. Good to see you blogging again. I'm about as bad as you--I have a hard time keeping the blog going to.

Jana Holden said...

Oh wonderful! So glad to see you're back Anke! Charleston sounds delightful! Good luck with the bid!
Thanks for the comment on my blog too.

Heather said...

Life is to be lived first, then recorded second, right? :)

Coming from someone who hasn't blogged in almost a year, I say that you should just come back when you can. After my fourth daughter arrived, I seldom remember the dizzying moments I stumbled through. I am glad to have survived and now am ready to thrive. :)

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