Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little guys say the cutest things!

We went to see our best friends last weekend, they had their grandson. He is always so much fun to be around. Gabby always tells us how much she doesn't like kids and then here she was on the floor with the little dude, playing with his little toys. He kept looking at her with those adoring eyes, it was soooo cute! My friend was going through his little book with him, having him give her all the animal sounds he knew. When she came to the fish, he was a little stumped for bit and then blurted out "nemo". We were cracking up at his cuteness! You should have heard all the cute little sounds he was making for the donkey and the other animals. We hadn't seen him for a while, so it was amazing how much he was talking all of a sudden and running around like a wild man! :) They sure grow up fast!

I used different textures on these photos and of course I had to make them into a page :)

This page I made the other day, I was just fiddling with shadows, sometimes I just feel like being very technical :) I liked the way it turned out!

We are having some gorgeous sunshine today, I am loving it. I finally got my front porch clean and shiny. Once it stays warm enough, I will be able to put my houseplants outside again. They will love it!

The computer I use to pay my bills took his last breath today. I thought we had it fixed but when I turned it on, it just gave me an error message and Mr. Fixer told me it wouldn't be worth my while to get it done, it's so old. He was at least able to get my Qdata backup on a disc for me, so I can put it all on a different computer and go from there. I am feeling a little pressure, since tax time is almost upon us and I have to get some stuff out of there... we'll get it done, hopefully tomorrow!

Well, time to through on my Zumba gear and get ready to rock and roll :)

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