Wednesday, January 6, 2010

snow and more snow

it seriously has not stopped snowing in days. Every day the kids have a 2 hour delay. They are keeping up with the roads well enough, driving is still a little treacherous. I am fine not going anywhere, I like sitting in my nice warm house and play on the computer. Even going to Karate is a chore. Gabrielle has a step up day to our Highschool tomorrow, she is all excited about it. I hope they will still be going and the weather doesn't mess it up for her. She keeps talking about how much better the lunches are going to be. Amazing the things that are important :)

I am finally done with my 365 book and it's posted on Shutterfly,

 here is the link. I am quite happy with the way it looks and this way it's doable for me. I don't like doing the same thing all the time, I like the look, but I know myself, I won't finish the year if I keep the pages the same. I am ready to tackle this year also, it really gives me that little extra push to take pictures.

Now I can have some fun with pages again, here are a couple I just finished this morning

I am trying to upload a couple of photos, but am having trouble....

here they are :) like I said, I was really having some fun with Katrina's tutorial. Last night I took a look at our pool in the darkness and couldn't resist getting my tripod and taking some pictures. Phil kept yelling for me to come to bed LOL. It was so much fun though. Let me see if I can get at least one of those...

I just loved the feeling of cold and loneliness you get from this picture. You can see the reflection of my window candle and the falling snow looks like streaks because of the slow shutterspeed. Nothing like playing with your camera :)
Well, it's still snowing outside, it's sickening! We are going to have pasta tonight, so I have to get the sauce going, otherwise we won't make it to Karate tonight (not that I feel like going) Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!!!


jeanne said...

fabulous, fabulous book!!!!!

Carol said...

Your book is amazing Anke, I lot of hard work has paid off.
Your photos are great, I love any photos with snow lol

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