Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is here!!!

It seems like yesterday that everybody was shaking in their boots, thinking the world would come to a standstill at the approach of the year 2000 and what a disappointment when absolutely nothing happened :) Can you even believe that was 10 years ago? Wow! Amazing how fast our life goes by, we get older without really taking too much notice and then something like this comes along to throw it right in your face. It's just a little reminder to enjoy your life and not take it for granted I suppose.

We just got back from watching Avatar, we braved the snow that hasn't stopped all day and I was surprised that the theater was still packed. It was awesome!!! Totally fairytale like but so well done, especially in 3D. Gorgeous scenery! The kids couldn't get over how much they liked it, hubby was the only one who kind of smirked at the story but that's okay, it was still great! Who wants reality every time you watch a movie, you might as well just watch the news all day, right?
Yesterday I finally managed to read through Katrina Kennedy's tutorial on capturing lights, in particular Christmas lights. Man, was that an eye opener. I put my camera on a tripod and used the self timer so I wouldn't have to touch it again. Look at this

You get this awesome starburst around the lights. Isn't it the coolest? I really had to crank up the ISO for the shot, thank goodness I have Noiseware, which btw. is just an awesome program, it has saved so many photos for me, I use it all the time.
Here is a page I did today using the pictures from that shoot last night

I would have never thought of moving my shutterspeed this far down, I am so grateful for this tutorial, I was all excited yesterday! I wanted to take more pictures of the tree, but now a strand of lights isn't working, isn't that just grand? I have to fix it first, otherwise no pictures :)

Okay, I am off to a great start in the New Year, I updated my blog, aren't you just proud of me? :) Now I have to finish my 365 pages so that I can start the new year. I really enjoy the project and can't wait to get this year's done, so I can hold it!
Sounding off for tonight!


Jeanne said...

Fabulously gorgeous layout, Anke! Love the lighting. I'm assuming you have to use a camera where you can set the things you need, rather than a point and shoot, right? (In other words, you need to have a more advanced camera than I own)

You are very inspiring and I just want you to know that!

Terry said...

just a fabulous shot Anke

Anna said...

Fabulous photo book! And I love that photo of the darkness....

Carol said...

I know I am late but... Happy New Year.

I have heard lots of good comments about Avatar that now I am interested in seeing it.

You have done a great job of capturing the lights.

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