Saturday, January 23, 2010

Helping Haiti

Katie and Randy at Designer Digitals have set up a link for donations from the site. Here is the link if you feel like adding to it, I think it's set up to donate 25 $. They need all the help they can get. There is also a new collaboration kit in the store. All benefits will be donated to the relief fund. I made this page with it

there are some pretty papers in it...just a worthy cause with an added benefit.
Today we took the kids to the Westmoreland Mall, they had a good time looking at some stores we don't have here and we found some good bargains. Phil got himself a couple of new books and I found some sweaters and some candles for  him. He loves candles in his room. I hate this darkness, you come home in the evening and seems to be time for bed, because it's so dark. Some people in the forums are from Australia and they are posting these cool pages with lots of sunshine. Makes one jealous :)
I participated in another one of the new challenges at DD. If you had to make one page about 2009, what would it be about. Well, there was no doubt that for me it had to be about Phil's sickness and here is the page I made about it

I am not crazy about the way the journaling runs around the edge there, I might have to change that, but it was late and I was just glad to have the journaling done. Every time I see that smile, I just want to cry. That was when we first got him into the hospital and he was so miserable and look at him trying to smile for us.
One other page I made was for PixelCanvas

the kit is really cute and my LO is a little tongue in cheek. I still have so many pictures from the visit to the Zoo in 08 and this was one of them. The above page too.
I am still playing with my new 90mm lens. Here are two photos I added to our Flickr group today

nothing spectacular, but the are so tiny, I have fun getting these shots, I had to get rid of some dust particles on the lid, I was not able to see them with the naked eye.
the kids had Friday off again, we had some freezing rain over night and I guess it was quite slippery out there, although it didn't seem that bad to me. I actually enjoy having them home now, they are fun and it's so much less stressful, no rushing and getting them up and out :) They need to learn though, so the weather better shape up soon!
I got my new camera bag yesterday, it red and beautiful and enormous. I took it to the mall today, I looked like I was going on an overnight trip :) Love it though, I must take some pictures tomorrow, I'm too tired today!


Jeanne said...

Ahhhhhh....more wonderful layouts from Anke. The one about Phil just tugged at my heart. What an absolute scary time for you all. I'm so glad he's recovered!

Your photos with your new lens are fantastic.

As always, thanks so much for sharing!

jeanne said...

Your photography is awesome!!! I need to work on mine. Still waiting for it all to click!

Never say Never!

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