Friday, January 15, 2010

check it out....

Look at Katrina's blog (huge smile on my face)!!!! I am featured! I totally forgot that I also won an hour of video chatting with her, holy moly!!!! You should try it, send her an email.... she really has inspired me so much with her incredible photography, maybe some day I'll be a little more like her!!! I am so thrilled about the whole thing, yeah! This year I resolved to submit a photo daily to the Flickr group for DD. It really doesn't take that much time to find one good picture, fix it a little and upload. There is a lot of inspiration there, they give me ideas of what to photograph and how....

anyway, I finally got around to scrapping our Christmas photos. There was this thread on the DD forum about scrapping events and I realized how I dislike scrapping events, it seems so unartistic and yet that is what we do all this for isn't it? So I bit the bullet and scrapped them. Here are the 4 pages

They are supposed to go together (no kidding). I actually wound up having fun doing them, using templates as the base always helps.. I really need to find a way to organize my supplies, I haven't used my old stuff in ages, because I can't remember what I have. Plus every week there is so much new stuff I get to use, I hardly ever get into my stash (not that I am complaining) Fortunately "Finder" is so so helpful on the Mac, it's almost like looking for tagged items, type in and it pops up. Pretty cool when you know what you are looking for :)

Here is a page I did for PixelCanvas yesterday. For the Friday Scraplift

I love that photo of Rachel with her perfume bottle, it came out so well! (with a little help from Lightroom of course)
Well, today is going to be a run around day, hair appointment, eye appointment, piano lessons, yikes. I won't have any time to be on the computer until tonight. I hate days like that!!!
gotta run! Make sure you check out Katrina's blog (teehee)


Jeanne said...

Congratulations, Anke! What a wonderful post. Have you done your chat yet? How exciting is that??!!

I'm so glad you are enjoying photography so much, because I get the benefit of being able to look at your gorgeous photos and layouts. Yay!

And these Christmas ones are fantastic!

latz said...

Very cool to be featured. I must have the same aversion to the holiday layouts since I still have 2007 and 2008 yet to do (along with 2009). I really should make it a goal to get those done.

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!