Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kitty's agony

I had to take two of my cats to the Vet today, just for checkups and shots. Geez, what agony. To get my 8year old cat into the carrier was quite an undertaking. I couldn't have done it without the help of my cleaning lady. The silly door opened too wide and made the opening smaller and poor Chubby spread her legs and held on for dear life. I finally managed to get her in and she cried the whole way, the most pitiful sound. TG was fine, she sat on my shoulder the whole way, nuzzling her head against mine. Of course during the visit she had her temperature checked in the you know what and she was not a happy camper, hissing and wiggling... it didn't take too long before she started purring again. Anyway, they are both okay, got their shots and have to get a second one in a month. I am not looking forward to a repeat performance.

For now the kids are all okay again, still a little hacking, but they are all back in school. I am still waiting for the last one to get sick, knock on wood! It was kind of nice to have Gabrielle home with me, it's almost like having a friend home :) We went and finally bought some pumpkins and mums for out front. It looks nice.
I finished my 365 page for last week, it's so great to be up to date with that

Of course it looks almost the same as last week's since I always keep them similar so they will match. Here are a few more pages I did

the last one is my bench in our backyard. I have taken pictures of it in the spring and the winter, so  I thought I'd finish the seasons. I might just make a book with all my nature pages. Somebody suggested it and I think it's a good idea. Maybe I will use some nice quotes on the opposing sides. We'll see.
The one with Rachel came from inspiration from a magazine published by a local hospital. I always liked all the swirls and the silhouette.
Well, we just got back from Karate and I am a little pooped. Have a great evening everybody


Jeanne said...

First off, I know you were teasing me about washing the walls and I was teasing you right back. *Ü* It's all good.

Second, the taking the cats to the vet reminded me of the times I used to take Sarah to the vet. She pulled the same thing as your baby who didn't like the carrier. I would actually get covered in cat fur as she would shed so much from the stress. If I wore a white top, it would become almost black. LOL I surer feel for you there.

And finally, another batch of absolutely gorgeous layouts. I don't know how you do it time and again...each one is so unique and beautiful. I love the journaling and the photos you selected for each one. Awesome!

Terry said...

I can so relate to taking the pets to the vet. Have to take 2 of mine today. I don't look forward to it.

Joanie said...

I love all your pages... You are so prolific! I've hardly done any pages this year.

Heather said...

Oh Em Gee, do I love the "explore" layout!

jeanne said...

Love them all but Hip to be Square is my favorite. So unique.

My three cats are all scheduled for visits next week. I'm sure there will be much howling going on. Poor babies.

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