Friday, October 23, 2009

cute link and more

somebody just posted this on FB and I thought for you non facebook doers, you might enjoy it too
Absolutely Fantastic!
I thought it shows that people really don't need a lot to be happy sometimes!
Sickness is going around the house. Michael just got over his cold and is back in school, now Gabrielle has the 103.8 fever and headache, cough etc. I don't think it's anything but a cold, but it's still miserable. Of course, Rachel will be next and then maybe us. I sure hope not. I keep washing my hands continously...

Thanks for a wonderful morning the other day Jeanne (arghhhh). I started taking down curtains to wash them and then I started thinking about your post about washing walls. I really tried not to, tried to turn the other way and forget about the stupid walls, but the grease on the wallpaper and the ceiling above the stove  wasn't easy to ignore, so I bit the bullet and started washing! I could do a commercial for Awesome, that stuff really is that, awesome! I sprayed it on and wiped everything off. Gross for sure, but man, did it work! So now my windows are sparkling, my curtains are nice and bright and I didn't put the top drapes back on, I started thinking about something Katrina said in one of her lessons. She bought her house partially because of the great light in it. Now our house is dark most of the time, because we have overhangs everywhere, so now I am letting some more light in and I really like it. Our breakfast room seems so much brighter and the kitchen windows look so big now, I can see all my trees outside. I am loving it. Only at night it looks a little funny having those dark surfaces there...:)
I have a couple more pages too

The second one is the result of Pattie's third lesson, creating a sketch from a photo. I have done this before, but her methods are different and really cool. My photo was a little busy, with lots of detail, I think a building or something would probably look a little better, but the kids were frowning in this picture and this way it doesn't show as much. Plus I really liked the photo itself.
The last one I just did last night. Since I am taking Katrina's photography class I finally got around to following some of her advice and did a little photoshoot with Rachel. The close-ups were really awesome with my 50mm lens. This one had so many catchlights in her eyes and zooming in I can actually see myself in her eye! I loved the result. Now I just need to go through the other lessons :) and keep up with Pattie's too. Yikes!

Hubby had a bad night, waking up at 2.30 and couldn't go back to sleep until 5.30 in the morning. He is really a trooper though, toughing it out. I wish I could make it better for him... having sick kids isn't helping matters, but hey, that's parenthood I guess.
Next month is going to be so insane, there are events scheduled for every single weekend, I wish I could cut myself in half. the girls and I are certifying in Karate one weekend, Michael is testing for black belt another, there are 2 weddings on the other weekends, so the whole month is planned out already. Not to mention various dental, hair and eye appointments and checkups and pet appointments. Oh well....

Well, back to checking on sick child and paying bills (no, I never did them the other day, got busy scrapping, let them wait for their money), watering plants and making lunch. Have a wonderful day!


Terry said...

I'm tired just reading about your November! How do you do it?

Hope everyone gets well soon.

Jeanne said...

I'm NOT gonna feel bad that you took to washing your walls because of me! *Ü* Even if you don't admit it out loud to me, I know you feel better having done the deed! LOL Just look at how much you enjoy that space now. hee, hee The work I'm doing around the house is for me and I post about it so that you all know what I have been up to (since I'm not creating much these days), certainly not to make others feel guilty. But if it motivates you to do something you've been meaning to take care of, yay for you!

Love your layouts, that last one is stunning! The first one made me giggle and the middle one is quite different. I love how you vary the subjects of your layouts.

Hope you survive the next month in one piece. It sure sounds like a busy one!


Carol said...

I hope your family can get rid of those nasty germs quickly, nothing worse than having the whole family down sick.

I love light houses, it was a major consideration when we built our house and planned gardens etc. It also helps with taking indoor photos :-))

Yes we do go to Canada every year (this will be our 5th year), we love it over there and although we go after Christmas we still consider it having a white christmas.
And a Skoda is a European car made by volkswagon - it a version of the Audi (not sure if you guys get those)

jeanne said...

LOL, I just spent the good part of an hour watching the rest of the videos in that group. Fun stuff.

Maybe I should stop watching and start cleaning? ya think?

Love the layouts.

Heather said...

My husband would have a heyday with this post. He loves to clean, that sick, twisted man!

Never say Never!

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