Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rainy, cold, miserable

Saturday! I guess Fall had to arrive sooner or later, but for me later would have been better! Yes, I got some great shots of foliage (although I want to go out again before it all disappears), but winter is going to be here soon. They were actually calling for some snow today, so far we haven't seen any, thank goodness. They kids have been off Thursday and Friday, but we haven't really done anything much. Yesterday we went out to hunt for costumes, geez, was that a pain. We found Michael an outfit that was reasonable, but the prices are absurd!!!! What happened to hanging a sheet over your head and being a ghost? They wanted 14$ just for a stupid pettycoat and I wasn't willing to pay 40$ for a little flimsy dress with nothing to go. We actually went into Hot Topic (which I usually avoid like the pest) and the guy in there (who is the weirdest looking dude with a ringnose, pants hanging down his butt and a girlish demeanor) was a nice as can be and found us stuff for half price that was actually good quality (just not something I would ever let the girls wear outside of halloween). So Rachel did okay and Gabrielle will look at something I wore last year.
PixelCanvas is down again for a few days, I can't wait for them to get the new server, so we can get back to normal. People must be getting frustrated too.
I am always super busy at DD, but I love it! Here are some pages

I am glad I have been able to keep up with the 365 pages, I actually like doing them now, I am looking forward every day to finding something to take a picture of. We went to Eat n Park today and as I was pulling out my camera (just to check on something) I saw hubby rolling his eyes at the girls. I think a few years from now he will be very happy to be able to look at all those pictures that were such an imposition to take. Argh! Oh well, true art has never been recognized in one's own house :)
I started knitting again, well only on Friday nights at piano. There isn't enough time to bring the laptop right now, because Michael is taking this extra Karate class to get him ready for his Black Belt test next month, so that eats up part of the lesson sitting time. anyway, so I am working on finishing the scarf I started last year LOL. I still have a pair of socks that needs finished too. Someday.... Karate is such a minor part of my life now, it used to be so important, I would schedule everything else around the classes. Now, since hubby got sick, I just can't get myself back into that schedule. I'd rather sit here and scrap. pathetic, but I just don't feel like rushing around anymore. Plus I feel used a lot of the time too. He was asking me a couple of weeks ago if I was planning on coming Wednesday morning, because he had a private lesson that needed taught. And I was thinking, why in the world would I rush through my morning to go there and not even get a workout and teach for him. That's not why I am paying my dues. He has this weird thing about loyalty etc. I don't get it at all, oh well, not that it matters.
Phil is looking better today, he has been really pale looking to me and it worries me, but I thought he had more color today. Maybe it's just me.... plus he has to take Plavix all the time now and I think he is worried about not being able to do things, kind of an adjustment  in his life.
Oh well, we just have to have faith and continue to do our best. things will be what they will be! Have a great weekend everybody!


Carol said...

You feel winter coming and for us summer has come (goes for a couple of days but then comes back). Not that I am complaining, I love summer.
After your story I am glad we don't have halloween, just one less thing to worry about lol.
Your pages are stunning and I LOVE the "to discover" one, I may have to steal an idea as everything is about the solar system in this house atm.
I hope all stays well (or should I say better than it was) with your family, you guys have really had a tough trot.

Thanks for visiting my blog and no we don't plan outfits, well not really. I know the males in my house generally where Manchester United colours so I try and not clash with them lol.

Jeanne said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your post (well, except for the pain of finding reasonably priced costumes). It sounds like things are starting to even out after the rough patch you all went through. I'm glad to hear you are slowing down and hopefully enjoying your life more.

Your layouts are stunning. You definitely have a creative soul and it shines through in your layouts. I could sit and look at all the little details you add and be mesmerized for a long time. I'm in awe of that talent. Thank you for sharing your passion.

And once I get done with the walls in my house...I'm done with walls for a long time! I'd hate to deprive you of the satisfaction of a job well done by attempting to do it for you. LOL

Terry said...

It's about time girl--thought you forgot about this blog. Costumes--they are ridiculous, huh. I don't do Halloween. Winter--beautiful here. Cool this morning, about 65. High about 80. I love this weather.

jeanne said...

The most beautiful made me teary eyed. Kids cut right to the chase and love with abandon.

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!