Friday, May 8, 2009


Well, as we speak hubby is in the Hospital. I received a call this morning from the Hematologist who wanted him to be checked in as soon as possible. Scared the living daylights out of me, I had no idea what was going on. As it turns out they did a blood culture in the ER yesterday which did not come back until today and tested positive!!!! this means that he has a pretty serious infection in his bloodstream that needed to be treated immediately. They seem to think that it is settled in his heart valve (endocarditis). Anyway, he walked through the door just as I was speaking with the doctor, so we got his stuff together and took him down. They are really taking good care of him and I am sooooo relieved!!! this is far better than Lymphoma, very treatable if everything goes well and hopefully this is it!!! thank the Lord and thank you all for your prayers!!!!! I stopped down with the kids twice today and he was so happy to see them and they to see him. He'll have to stay in on IV antibiotics for a few days, then he'll have a port where they can give it to him every day for several weeks. We are both so relieved that there is an end in sight with this nightmare. No wonder he has been so tired these last few months, this poison has been circulating in his blood all these weeks, poor guy! They think that's why he almost passed out yesterday too, his body is just totally worn out. Oh, it will be so nice to see some color in his face again and get rid of those dark circles.

I was so happy, I had to make a page tonight


This is from Fr. Sylvan's 60th anniversary of his priesthood last weekend. He is the most wonderful person... I don't think you'll be able to read the journaling, but he is just the sweetest and most holy man! Credits as always are here


Tammy said...

I so hope they have finally found the reason for your husband's 'malaise'! Hopefully, he will take a turn for the good with the current treatment ... we will keep praying for him!

Joanie said...

Oh, Anke, I am so sorry that your husband is so sick. I've been following your updates about his health. I hope that this is the answer. You will all be in my prayers.
Hugs to all

Jeanne said...

Anke...I'm so sorry to hear that your husband has continued to be ill. I will think good thoughts that this is it and he will finally be on the road to recovery. Hang in there and know there are lots of people wishing you all good things.

The layout is beautiful. You have a wonderful style!

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