Monday, May 25, 2009

Lazy Weekend

that is what we had. No Karate on Saturday, we just hung out and I scrapped a little. We went to Panera Bread and stuffed ourselves. Sunday we did a movie (Night at the Museum II) and went to Hoss's to eat. We were stuffed to the gills, or at least I was. I wasn't too long before Gabrielle was hungry again. I don't know where she puts it all. Today was Memorial Day of course and we did nothing. Well, Gabrielle slept over at Katie's and right now Rachel is at a friend's house too. All I do is run these kids around :)

I did 2 more 365 pages


I try to keep them looking similar, since they will be facing pages. I usually just flip the template for the second page

I did a page for PaperbagStudios. I really need to do more, she has some cool stuff. I really liked this fairly new kit of hers that I used here

2009-5-25-Paperbagfor-web Here are the credits for this one

QuietGarden (doodle frame)
Signs of spring Kit (bird)
Gentle Reminder Kit
Darcy Kit (alpha)

font: LD chubby


Let's see what else, oh yeah, I did this one for PixelCanvas


It was so simple to do with Heather's gorgeous mask and that backlight from one of the Viva kits. Credits in my PC gallery.

This one too:


I kind of liked the circles with the different papers. this is with Ashley's new kit and again, credits in my gallery.

At DD I did the Saturday Scraplift, which I liked. That color combination is one of my favorites lately

2009-5-24-DD-Princess Isn't she a cutie?

Six pages in three days isn't too shabby, huh! Of course I don't get anything else done. I have to force myself to make dinner and clean a little :) Major addiction going on here.

All right, the grill is lit, the ribs are pre-cooked and waiting for me, so I better get moving. I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!


Jeanne said...

Great layouts and it sounds like you had a great weekend! Ours was good, too. Lots of rain though. LOL

Where do you get your inspiration for the layouts you make? They all have a very artistic vibe. Or do the ideas come out of your head? Just curious. I think they are fantastic.

latz said...

hardly lazy at all with all those layouts done! Glad you and the family had some down time. And congratulations on one of your layouts being picked over at DD! So proud of you.

Terry said...

You so needed a lazy weekend with all you have been through lately.

LO's are gorgeous as always.

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