Friday, May 8, 2009

Still no answer

The saga of DH's sickness continues! He seemed to have gotten better, his appetite was back, he had more energy, we were so happy. Then a few days ago he started developing fevers. Nothing during the day, then at night he'd get them. Yesterday morning it was 102 - 103 and we got really scared. The nightsweats were still there, some nights more than others. So I pressed him to take the day off and we went to see the Hematologist. By now he does not believe it to be an infectious inflammation anymore, it's been there way too long. All the symptoms seem to point to Lymphoma! It's so scary! He has no swelling of any glands and nothing showed up on any of the scans so far. We have to wait a few weeks before we can repeat the CT scan of  the abdomen again (for insurance purposes, doesn't that stink) He also suggested a bone marrow biopsy at which point hubby's blood pressure tanked so much they had to put a saline IV into him and roll him to the ER. Poor guy, he felt better right away, but we had to sit there for 2 hours going through the EKG and chest X-ray routine anyway. At least his EKG was much better  than the last one he said (he knows since he is one of the official readers LOL). Thank God for small favors!  The doctor put him on naprosyn for a few days to see if that would take care of the fever, if it does it would indicate Lymphoma. Well, there was no fever last night or this morning, but the nightsweats were worse than ever! We'll see what today brings. He felt well enough to go to work today at least, although he is really scared. Who wouldn't be? The doctor also suggested some tropical infectious disease, I don't know, anything's possible. I told Phil to suggest a consult to the Infectious Disease guy, see what he has to say. Two days ago life seemed okay, now we are back to status quo......

Here are some pages I made in the last few days

2009-A.Kennedy-Beautiful 2009-AshleyK-My-Garden

These are done with Ashley Kennedy's new kits. She just started designing for Vinnie, very cute stuff!

2009-Heather-Her-Royal-Highness 2009-Heather-there-is-always-time 2009-Vinnie-Beautiful

Heather T is another new designer, I love her kits, her elements are gorgeous!

  2009-Vinnie-Reflections 2009-ViVa-Just-Me

Viva Artistry is also new, gorgeous stuff, really nice for playing!


this is Vinnie's Little fire Man Kit! Isn't is adorable?

all the credits can be found in my gallery at PixelCanvas

Here is my other stuff

2009-DD-doing-the-happy-dance 2009-DD-Edith-and-Volker 2009-DD-It's-here-(spring) 2009-DD-Love-You 2009-DD-You-color-my-world 2009-DD-You-revealed

The weather here is gorgeous this morning, I wish I felt like going out there and doing some yardwork. I feel like I'm frozen. I guess we just have to wait and pray. Please if you don't mind, say some prayers for him!


Tammy said...

I saw your Twitter this morning and said, "Oh Shoot!" Then I prayed.
I'll be thinking about you guys and anxiously awaiting good news.
Your pages look so beautiful!

Terry said...

oh Anke--I was praying for him to get better!! Stay patient and focused on God. Keep us posted.

Carol said...

Anke that is not a good update on your husband. I hope the problem is found soon. I will get him and your family in our prayers.

Your pages are just stunning as alwaiys.

Jeanne said...

I cannot believe how much you are able to create during this difficult time in your life. It must be therapeutic for you. Your pages are stunning!

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