Monday, May 18, 2009

First Day back to work

at least his first full day of work. I think this will be good for him, better than sitting around the house thinking about the worst. He's been on his IV Penicillin for a week now and is tolerating it well. He is feeling much better, his appetite is coming back and he is not bone tired anymore like he used to be. His color is still pretty bad and our friends really scared him yesterday when they told him. I think it just takes a little while longer, his body is still fighting this crap, that's why he has to be on the IV for 4 full weeks. Wednesday he has an appointment to see the Doctor and we will see what he says. He had some bloodwork done today, his count is still down, everything else was fine. I guess they check renal functions to see if he is tolerating the Penicillin, which was okay. I learned to change his bottle every morning, it's really not hard, I just have to be careful to keep the port really clean. I was a little paranoid at first, hands shaking etc. Now it's easier. It also can't get wet, so no showers. We have to do sponge baths. It's all doable, not that big a deal. I am thinking it is sooo much better than him having to stay in the hospital or being home with a big pole for the drip. Well, we keep our fingers crossed that the valve might not have to be replaced. I have so many people praying for him, it is so nice to have so many online and other friends who care enough to do that!

This month must be the worst out of the year, it seems that everything is scheduled now. All the field trips, the play, Karate testing, First Mass, appointments galore etc etc.... I can't wait for the end of school! It is so nice outside and I haven't bought a single flower yet. I finally started cleaning my porch and it's starting to look nice. Then I can put my house plants out there. It always looks so cool, like a tropical garden, I love to sit out there.

The kids had their play this weekend, annie Jr., it was quite cute even if Gabrielle didn't have a large role in it. It was still sweet! Maybe next year she can have a solo part. We are never hear when they do auditions, because we go to Cancun in the winter. Who knows what it is going to be like next year, maybe we won't be able to go.

I did manage to get a few pages done, that is my relaxation!

2009-5-15-DD-Playtime 2009-5-15-DD-You 2009-DD-First-Day-of-school 2009-DD-Joy

these are in my DD gallery where you can find the credits also.

2009-Vinnie-Thing-green 2009-5-15-Vinnie-Magical 2009-Vinnie-Love

These are in my PixelCanvas gallery, find the credits there. The links are on the right hand side. I loved this new PDF Vinnie just put out, it's a little walk through for the use of her new artist Overlays. They really are fun to work with and the results are so cool! Look at that page with Gabrielle, that's what I used for that one. I love that light from behind, so cool!

Well, that is all the news from around here, other than the fact that life is really busy and I am spinning my wheels, it seems like. Leaving comments in the galleries takes such a long time and going through blogs and keep everything updated is becoming a part time job :) Not that I am complaining, it's a lot of fun. I just wish I had more time to do it all and still get a lot of scrapping done. Oh well.

Tomorrow I will start some physical therapy for my back, I just hope that's going to help it some. It has been bothering me now for 6 months and it's not getting better on it's own, so I have to do something. Karate is really not much fun, when I can't do anything that involves jumping the least bit. We had to certify this past Saturday and it was like torture. They have this stupid thing at the end, it's called an endurance test, different things for different ranks. We had to do this thing that looks like you are doing the CanCan, stupid! Plus after doing basics, forms, sparring and all the other stuff for an hour, how much more prove of endurance do they need? But, you have to jump through the hoops when they ask you to, it's part of the game.

Okay, enough for today, I just hope I'll have a chance to do some scrapping today!


Terry said...

so glad he was able to go back to work. Might help him some to be busy. You've had quite a bit on your plate lately--so stressful with DH sick. Try and take time to smell the roses--sit on the porch and enjoy it. Life is short.

Joanie said...

I'm glad to hear that your husband is feeling better. I'll keep him in my prayers.
Great pages.

Carol said...

It sounds like the IV is doing something which is good and your life is starting to get a little more back to normal.
You still amaze me with how many pages you are able to do.

Clausewitz said...

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