Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet Sixteen and more....

I am hanging my head in shame, not having updated this blog in such a long time... another birthday has come and gone and the last one is right ahead..
Gabrielle turned 16, it's hard to believe. We had debated back and forth about what to do. First she wanted a party, then she didn't... we wound up going to Nyco's for dinner and it was great. She took Catie with her and we had a bunch of Sushi, which everybody loved, even Phil. That surprised him, he always thought he had an aversion to it.

The other thing she asked me for on her Birthday was a photo shoot downtown with Catie. I was more than happy to oblige. We had a great time!

I was playing with this new texture I got, I really liked the results. I want to try and smooth the surface of the paper, so that I will just have the light effect... love it!

This past Sunday I took Gabrielle for her first driving lesson with me. We went to the Church parking lot and I just had her driving around in circles and backing into the parking places. Then we drove to a small cemetery with steep hills and curves and she did fine. Wednesday she had an appointment for an MRI of her back (which was fine) and after that we drove to the Driver License Center. She took her test and got her permit. She was quite nervous about the questions, but she had studied the manual, so she made it! Now she can be dangerous on the road :)

Other than that everything is going it's normal way, we are busy again with school, both girls in High School now... Rachel kept saying how much she hated the school, now she is starting to like it. Same for her Math teacher, I promised her she would love him and now she does. That's Rachel for you...

I had a couple of photo shoots this past week. One 2 year old for his upcoming birthday. He was not happy at all, cried the whole time. We even tried taking pictures outside, thinking we could get him to have some fun, but he continued crying. We were only able to get a few pictures when she was able to get his mind off for a couple of minutes... we might just try again and see what we can get some other day.

Don't get me wrong, I love the photos, I just don't think it's what she had in mind :)

Then I did a senior shoot for a young man, that was a lot of fun too. They have such an awesome property, so many places to get great shots!!

I am really into these funky finishes, but I think most people just want plain shots, so we'll see what happens :)

Rain, rain and more rain, this town gets nothing but rain and cold, dreary weather anymore. Yuck! The south is looking more and more inviting to me. I used to think I loved all the seasons, including winter, but the older I get the more I hate winter. I just want it for a couple of days around Christmas and that is enough! :) We are seriously thinking about getting a place in the south to escape to occasionally for now and maybe move once the kids are all in college... this would be the time to do it with the prices being low... we'll see.

Oh yeah, we found out we have a leak in the roof, isn't that wonderful. My brand spanking new bathroom started leaking from the light fixture, it really freaked me out. The guy I had come to take a look at it refused to even tackle the job. The roof is a mess, wooden shingles need to be replaced, it sounds like a major undertaking. It just never ends! I guess I will forego the new kitchen and we will have to take care of the important things first. Home ownership.... sometimes it really stinks!

Other than that things are running as always. We still love Zumba, Gabrielle and I that is. Rachel is getting bored with it already, she would rather go to the Gym (if at least she did that...) oh well, saves me some money if she doesn't go :)

Okay, here are the pages I got done since we last spoke. Really not a whole lot again, it's been so busy around here with all the running

Okay folks, that is it! Have a great day!


Joanie said...

You Gabby is a beautiful girl! And you took some fabulous photos... keep up the good work.

Jeanne said...

Wow! You've been busy, not only with the kids, but with your scrapping. You got some fabulous shots of your daughter and your layouts are gorgeous.

I'm sorry to hear about the house troubles. Hopefully you'll get them fixed soon and will be on your merry way.

jeanne said...

Rachel is adorable with her hair up like that. What a gorgeous smile!!!!

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