Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday and first day of HS

Yup, my baby girl was 14 on the 26th. She didn't want a big party, she just wanted to take her friend to Red Lobster with us. Fine with me. We got a cake, took it with us and the staff put the candles on and brought plates. Perfect!
We took this shot behind the restaurant while we were waiting to be seated.

If you look closely, you can see another new thing. That's right, no more braces! They finally came off and we couldn't be happier. Now she can eat corn on the cob again LOL.

This morning was her first day of High School. We got all the school supplies we knew she would need (thanks to Gabrielle, the experience High Schooler), got her new shirts and pants, new shoes and backpack and she was ready to go

Note the Hello Kitty backpack, very mature :)

Well, hurricane Irene came and went. Fortunately we were inland enough not to be affected by it other than a sprinkle and some wind on Sunday. Other places weren't so lucky. All the in laws are good, thank goodness. I guess you pay a price to be living in a cool beachy place, but it is still very appealing to me. A house in a warm place, being able to escape on the weekends..... sounds awesome!

On Saturday the girls and I went to the Zoo. The guys didn't come, because Phil had promised a fellow Dr. to go to a mixed martial arts fight with him that night. It was actually nice, just the three of us. It turned out to be a nice, warm day, while here it was chilly all day :)

Well, all in all it was a fun week, at least we did something before school starts again. Gabrielle goes back tomorrow and Michael has until Wednesday. One a day....

A few pages...

I really need to keep working on the Myrtle Beach pages, I will never get caught up with anything :)

Well, that should do it for this post, see that wasn't that long between posts, right? :)

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Barb said...

Love the pic of Rachel. LOL I kept looking at that pic and thinking something looked different!! LOL Never dawned on me the braces were gone. She looked so sweet with them I guess I never really paid any attention. She looks wonderful!!!

Sounds like you have been having fun. Soon they will all be back in school and things will really start to rock and roll!! Hang on!!

Glad you survived Irene. Our son was in NJ but thank God he did OK, too, even though he is just across the bridge from NYC!

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