Thursday, September 29, 2011

26 Years and counting

We celebrated our anniversary the other day. It was a busy day, taken up by all kinds of other celebrations. Michael turned 12, my friend's son had his birthday, another couple celebrated their anniversary.... wow! Since the kids didn't throw us a party (lol) I just took Phil to see a movie at night. He needed to get away! The movie wasn't very good (Drive), but it was fun to get away, just the two of us. We are planning on doing that on a weekly basis from now on.

Last Saturday we went to see some friends. They just built a house and it is just beautiful! Everything is well designed (by her) and I just love the kitchen. Dark cabinets, the stove is 42 inches, wood floor... what a dream. And here I am with a kitchen from 1926 with sticking drawers and peeling paint and linoleum that doesn't shine anymore. Oh well, gotta see what that roof is going to bring. Anyway, it was a great time, getting together with friends doesn't happen too often these days.

Oh yeah, my big news, I got a new car! No more minivan for this Mom! Last Friday we were at Marc and Joanne's and we decided to look at some cars so the guys would have something fun to do. We saw this cool looking car, turns out it's a Buick Enclave. Never heard of them before. It was just sitting there shining with the black (charcoal) finish and the silver trim all over the place. The tires actually looked like tires and the seating was so comfortable! We took it for a ride and I felt like I was sitting in a cockpit! Well, needless to say we went back a week later, it was still there. I traded my Sienna (with the broken side and leaking tires) and got myself a cool mobile! I am still loving it and the kids are over the moon happy. I never realized how uncomfortable the third row in the van was. They have headrests for little ones that for older kids sit right in the middle of your back. The stupidest thing... Can you believe I didn't take a photo yet? I will post one as soon as I do!

I did a few pages though

This last one I had started in July and then added the right side to it later. I need to go back to the beach photos....

As always you can find the pages in my gallery, link on the right. I would love if you would leave a comment, a little love always goes a long way :)

Well, paperwork is calling!


Barb said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to both of you!! Long marriages are not the norm anymore! Wishing you many, many more!! So glad you are going to go out once a week. I think it is so important!!!

Can't wait to see your new car. It sounds beautiful!! Would love to see you in your new "cockpit"!

Love the LO's. They are gorgeous as always!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and your new car. Both are fabulous and newsworthy. Sounds like you are happily busy as usual and still creating gorgeous layouts.

Thanks for sharing! And here's to many more wonderful years for you two!

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