Monday, November 16, 2009

Indian summer

at least that's what it's been like around here. It has been wonderful these last few days, sunshine and warm, balmy almost. If it could only stay like this until Christmas, give us one day of snow and then warmth again until April when it can really heat up. Oh yes, a girl can dream, right?

The kids' school is putting on a Christmas Play again this year and this time around the girls both got a big part in it. They are so excited and I am so happy for them. Up til now Gabrielle only had little roles and mostly helped out behind the stage and Rachel only sang in the large choir. This time they are prosecutor and defense attorney in the play "The not so Silent Night". Of course now they have play practice at least 3 times a week after school, plus their homework, Karate, dentist appointments etc. Kids today are so busy, how did we ever make it through life. I never had anything after school, all we did was play and that mostly outside. Looking back those were really fun times and we had no clue. I wish I could let my kids have the same childhood but I wouldn't dare let them run around the way we did.

Tomorrow I have to take Sweetie for her surgery, poor thing. It's necessary though, better for everybody. She'll be okay I'm sure...
Last Saturday we were at a friend's son's wedding, it was so pretty. They looked so darn happy, it was adorable. We didn't stay lone because I left the kids at home with Gabrielle babysitting. She was bugging me all day about having her friend come over for a sleepover and when we weren't back by 5 she kept texting me. Argh. I had told her she wasn't allowed to have her come over until I got back. No way am I having another kid over with no supervision. So anyway, we left fairly early, she had her friend over and all were happy. Sunday morning I made them Belgian Waffles, actually that was for dinner, since Helen (the neighbor we go to every Sunday for lunch, my adopted mother) was out with her girls. They were yummy, I made blueberry sauce, pudding, whipped topping, strawberries. Yumm! Now I wish I had taken a picture :) In the afternoon we walked down to the park. The kids played ball and Rachel and Michael played at the playground. There were a lot of people enjoying the sunshine with their kids.

My floor in the sunroom still has not been done, of course it has only been since July, we wouldn't want to give the guy any pressure about rushing him. I think tomorrow I will call somebody else, I can't stand this anymore. My house is such a mess with everything sitting around in the living room and the sunroom having an unprotected floor where every water spill creates a stain now. It will get to the point where we won't be able to finish the floor. It just makes me so mad... let me go back into my happy bubble and think about scrapping :)

Again, these are all in my DesignerDigitals gallery. The following are in my PixelCanvas gallery (which is down at the moment, again) She is transferring to a new site but the old one is down for malicious intrusion. It's hard to run a business when nothing works so many times. Poor thing and Heather too who is one of her designers trying to sell her stuff. Hopefully it will all get worked out really soon.

See my orchid blooming? I am so thrilled about it. It has been dormant for a few years and now all of a sudden it's blooming. Actually by today there are 3 blooms open. Little things like that make me happy (I'm sure you couldn't tell at all)

Hey, my best friend is a grandma!!! They have a brand spanking new grandson. I can't wait to be able to  see him and maybe take some pictures.

Well, maybe I'll have a few minutes now to start a page, I haven't exactly been very prolific this last week. I still have a couple of pages that I did but can't post yet. Oh well. Talk to you all soon. Ciao!


Jeanne said...

Okay, you said you haven't been very prolific? I hope you were joking, because I counted TEN gorgeous layouts! I'm happy if I get one or two done. I couldn't keep up with you if you were prolific. LOL

Sounds like things are happily busy and on an even keel for you these days. Yay!

What does Sweetie need surgery for? I tried to check back a bit and didn't see you mentioning that she needed to have any procedures. I hope it all works out well. Your cats are beautiful, by the way.

Thanks for sharing all that you share! I sure hope you get that floor finished and soon!

Heather said...

Hey Anke, looks like life is chugging along, even if your floor hasn't (sorry to hear about that, how frustrating!). I've always wanted to be a black belt - when did you receive your black belt status? I'm curious b/c I feel a bit too old to pursue it (35). But then again, I like a challenge too. ;)

Reading your blog gives me black belt pursuit mojo! And beautiful layout mojo too. These days, I hardly make a layout. :(

latz said...

Love checking out your blog for inspiration. I've been in a bit of a rut the last few days so I've been organizing digi stuff in order to feel somewhat productive. I know what you mean about the busy lives of our kids. You should see my color-coordinated large fridge calendar. It is a rare day when nothing is scheduled.

Linda said...

Hey girl! Just stopping by, checking in on you. You are so productive and it all looks so amazing. How do you do it?

*Paula* said...

Anke - you are a scrapping machine! I don't know how to manage to do it all! wonderful work, all of them

latz said...

I think our Indian "fall" has come to an end. The skies have clouded over and the wind has that winter chill to it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family.

Linda said...

bump and nugde! Have you forgotten about this little journal of yours?

jeanne said...

tap, tap, tap. Anyone home????? We miss your goodness.

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