Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Black Belt in the making

Michael's big day was yesterday. We had to be in Pittsburgh at 8 in the morning, so we left here a little after 6 and had a nice quiet ride. He was very nervous for days, but everything went well and I am sure he passed. He won't find out for sure for several months, I have no idea why it would take them that long. He will get his belt at the end of January/early February. He looked pretty good, he tried hard and it showed. Another big event we can check off on the long list of things this month :)

Next weekend we have a wedding to go to, that should be fun. We are leaving the kids at home, we'll see how that goes :) Tomorrow we have teacher/parent conferences, that should be interesting.

Boy, I have hardly had any time to create these last few days, I do not like that at all.. I finished my last 365 page this morning, at least I am up to date with that

Like I said before, my facing pages always look quite the same, at least some consistency throughout the book. I started saving my 365 pages in jpeg format, so I can start uploading them to Shutterfly to get a headstart. Terry has hers all uploaded and part of them printed in a book already. Talk about organized :) I'll never get there.
Some other pages

that's it for the pages, sad isn't it? There is so little time to do it all, my usual complaint LOL. Yesterday after testing was done we took the kids to the Golden Corral to eat. They loved it, it's hard not to stuff yourself to the gills. Then we took a ride to Shadyside to visit the Apple store since I am having problems with my optical drive. Of course they didn't have the part (that's always my luck), they offered to send my compy out and have it sent back to me after replacement of the part. No way am I going to part with my laptop for who knows how long. I'd rather drive there again and have them fix it while I wait. The street the store is on is really cool, reminds me of Europe. Lots of little shops and places to sit outside. It being such a nice day yesterday, it was really packed. We also stopped at the Mall on the way home and the kids were impressed with how much larger than ours it was. The bookstore there is awesome!!! All in all it was a fun day, but we were exhausted by evening, having to get up this early is for the birds!Tomorrow the kids are off for the conferences and Wednesday again for Veteran's Day. Nice, a little reprieve.I almost forgot to mention that's Phil's test came out okay. He has some blockage, but it doesn't sound like it requires any action, thank goodness! Another scan next year to keep an eye on it, that's all.Okay, back to creating and making dinner. Talk to you all soon!


Terry said...

you are one busy mama!!! Kids will do it-always running them to something. Sorry about your computer--hopefully it will be fixed soon. Don't blame you--I wouldn't want to send mine out either.

I found with Shutterfly it was less stressful uploading as I went along. I hated spending a whole day uploading. It's nice now--when they have a sale I don't have to stress out getting the book ready. Now I just wait for the sale!

Jeanne said...

Wow, your son looks appropriately intense in that first photo. I can't believe it takes so long to find out.

Your layouts are lovely, as usual. Unfortunately, this time they wouldn't enlarge for me. :( I got a broken link message?

Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy. But in a good and somewhat productive way (except for the whole camera issue, which I totally understand).

*Paula* said...

Wonderful layouts Anke! It sounds like you are keeping yourself very busy!!

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