Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unfaithful Me...

so sorry, I know it's been ages sinces I last updated. I have been so busy though, plus I am still floating...:)

Hey I got a new baby, no, not the breathing kind, I got myself a Mac 17" Macbook Pro. I am so happy, hubby told me to get it, since I spend soooo much time on the computer, isn't he nice? Now it's beautiful and all but definitely takes some getting used to. Right now I am typing on my HP :) Pathetic huh? The thing is I have to transfer all my stuff over yet and at first I had no Internet. I kept getting thrown out every two minute. You try and leave comments in the gallery that way ;) My HP wasn't quite that bad, but we thrown out occasionally also. Turns out that when my desk on the third floor collapsed a couple of weeks ago, the router must have hit something and went wonky. I had my computer guru here and he put in a new one for me, plus he put in wireless access to my printer upstairs, which I have wanted for a long time. Anyway, everything is finally working, now I just have to get Adobe to answer the darn phone. I need to switch my license for CS4 over to the Mac platform. Last week I was on hold for literally 3 hours!!! then I decided to call the sales department and they answered on the first ring, figure that! their service absolutely stinks!!!! I downloaded the trial version for now, but I have to try again. The sales guy opened a case for me and told me they would call back within 24 hours, which of course didn't happen. I hope you never have to deal with them, they are awful! But now my Mozy backup works, I could never get it to work on my HP because of Norton, now it already backed up everything I have on the Mac, which granted isn't much, but it works, I could do the happy dance because of that. Now I won't have to fret about double backing up anymore!

And of course I have been busy scrapping. The designers come out with so much new stuff all the time, there is no way I can use it all before it hits the store (but I sure try ;)). Here are some pages

2009-8-14-DD-Be-happy 2009-8-15-DD-Wonderful-You 2009-8-20-DD-Remember-summer 2009-8-11-DD-Tin-soldiers 2009-8-12-DD-Let's-Pretend-(catwalk)

these are all at Designer digitals, look for the credits in my gallery.

I need to get busy with my 365 pages, I have a couple of pages to catch up with... I also have an AAM page I did for Katie, but she didn't post it yet, so I am going to wait before showing it to everybody.

Phil is getting better all the time, he is still tired and has pain, but less and less (or so he says). He started working in the office again, hospital will start next Monday. I think it's better that he eases his way back into it. Next Monday he has his appointment with the Cardiologist around here and then Thursday we'll have to go to Pittsburgh again for a follow-up with the surgeon.  He is looking forward to that one, he liked him. In the meantime he still isn't allowed to drive, so I have to drive him everywhere, take him to the office, pick him up and so's getting old really fast :)

My dishwasher has been broken for over 2 weeks now and I made the mistake of asking my neighbor if he could fix it. He was finally here and did it today. Had he not started on it already I would have called Sears to do it. I will never ask him to do anything for me again. He started sanding my Sunroom floor one week before we left for Pittsburgh and it's not even finished. it's ridiculous!!! Oh well, that's how we learn, right?

Enough already, I hope I didn't bore you too much, talk soon


Maureen said...

Oh Anke, so much going on in your life and you still manage beautiful work. Hope the heart DR. is happy with Phil's progress and that he's soon behind his own wheel.

Heather T. said...

You are a scrapping FIEND!! *lol* How do you manage to make so many layouts??? So glad to hear that hubby is on the mend, even if it means you get to spend less time with your new Mac =)

Carol said...

You will love your Mac Anke. We switched all our computers over to Macs 18 months ago and haven't looked back.

Tracy said...

I have the form you need to send to Adobe and have sent you it via email, as I contacted them last week for to find out if I can change platforms. Hopefully I too will be switching too a Mac soon :)

Heather said...

Sounds like life is chugging along, albeit at a snail's pace with the dishwasher and floor.

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