Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life can be stressful

now hubby isn't allowed to drive and he just started making nursing home visits again, so guess who is taking him everywhere. Yeah, it's me! Not only am I chauffeuring the kids and myself around to seemingly endless appointments and classes, now I have to take him where he has to go and wait, and wait some more. I can't wait til he can drive again. His follo-up appointment isn't until the 27th, I don't think he will get permission before then, so I have to bite the bullet and just be patient! It will be nice when he can go back to work and the kids will be back in school, so I can have some me time! Listen to me, there I was afraid to lose him and now I can't wait for him to go back to work LOL. It's not really that bad.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a Physical Therapist MD about my back. I told him about the spot that seemed to cause all the trouble and he proceeded to poke on the side of my legs below the hip and telling me that the pain in all likelihood is caused by bursitis in that particular area. Boy that hurt when he pushed there. He then gave me an injection, oh no, more like two, one was a local and the second was a steroid. My pain was gone shortly after!!!!! Now he cautioned me that this was not a cure and not to help forever. He also told me to do 30-50 squats a day to strengthen that area. All the time I went for PT treatments they could never figure this out? It took him 30 seconds to diagnose me for crying out loud. It's like the difference between a physician and a Physical Therapist I guess. anyway, I am feeling much better and doing my squats every day.

DD is having their crops this weekend, one in San Antonio and the other in Salt Lake city. I am so jealous, wish I could have been in Texas, it sounds like they had a great time! I am scrapping away by my little self here, but today was great, I got a few pages done!

2009-7-31-DD-Beauty 2009-8-2-DD-SecretGarden 2009-8-2-DD-Sunshine 2009-8-6-DD-Stop-and-smell-the-flowers 2009-8-7-DD-Overgrown-baby 2009-8-8-DDBeautiful-butterfly 2009-8-8-DD-SS-If-you-can't-change-it 20009-8-1-DD-Summer-Splash

these are all in my DD gallery, the credits can be found there. Use the link on the right

2009-8-1-PC-In-my-Dreams 2009-8-6-PC-Outside

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Okay, hubby is calling me to watch a movie with him, hopefully I can force myself to post soon again!


Quilter422 said...

i'm glad your dh is well enough to be driving you crazy again, Anke. love all your pages, esp. the kitty in the flowers.

Jeanne said...

You KNOW he's on the mend when he starts driving you bonkers, right? What a "good" feeling, eh? I'm relieved for you and the whole family, too. I'm also relieved that you may have an answer to your own pain and I hope your squats help relieve it soon.

As always your layouts are breathtaking. I've looked at each one and marveled at all the little details you add to make them so unique and beautiful. You have a wonderful talent, Anke and I'm so glad for you that you are able to share it with us through your layouts.


Stephanie Vetne said...

I think it's great that you're waiting for some alone time - means the worry and the anxiety is over. :) So glad he's okay!

Your pages are always stunning!!! And, yeah, I wish I could have been at the DD crops, too. :(

Carol said...

If you are now ready for "me" time, that is a good sign that things are starting to settle down.

Your pages are stunning (as everyone else mentioned).
Enjoy your movie.

latz said...

Already counting down to the 27th since that is when my baby girl will be 5! So I will be thinking about your hubby as well on that day and praying for a good report. Enjoy the extra time together, even though it may drive you crazy now, I bet you'll miss it when it's gone.

Celia said...

A few pages done???!!! That was an impressive number of pages and great work.

It always amazes me how pain travels from one spot to another and fools some in the medical profession- we all know that things are connected why don't they figure it out quicker and cheaper for us!
Hope the "taxi driver work is not too trying.

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