Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another First

I just got myself an almost brandnew Nikon 17-35mm 2.8 wide angle lens from Randy Pertiet. Let me tell you, this baby looks like new and he gave me a fabulous deal I simply could not refuse!!!! Of course I had never shot anything like this before and I had to try it out right away. Here is a view of my (messy) living room. Sorry about the pillows, the kids seem to think there is a sign that says "Playground" everywhere.

It's amazing to me that I can get the whole room in one shot! That will be awesome around Christmas with the decorations and the tree, I have never been able to get it all at once. There is something to be said about getting good lenses. Randy always told us to, but the cost is so prohibitive. I would have never bought it at full price, that's for sure. Now I will save money for a 85mm or 105mm :)

Being done with the photos allowed me to scrap again, it felt great. Here is one about the new camera (of course)

and this one is from the photo shoot the other day. The trail was so pretty!

then I finally finished another 365 page, boy that felt good

after I was done with it, I re-uploaded all my 365 PSD files and got them ready for Shutterfly and uploaded, so they are in my album, ready for the book at the end of the year. Yay for me!!! Of course I noticed that at the end of July I messed up. I posted a Sunday at the end of one page and then started the following page with a Sunday also, so from then on all my pages begin with Sundays. I couldn't figure out why I would be starting my pages that way and of course that explains it! I am so not going back and fixing them, they will continue that way now. Better luck next year :)

I have had some ideas going through my head about how to do my little studio/room project. I have this awesome room with 3 sides of windows (I believe I already mentioned that previously :), but I am getting old, so pardon if I did) where I keep the birds. I think I might put the cages in the sunroom instead and bring the little couch we have in there, which we absolutely never use there, plus a little coffee table and put it all in the studio (like for viewing pics etc. :)). It will need to be repainted and I will need some shelving etc. I'll keep all my scrapbooks in there too. I am really excited about this project. Joanne, come and help me! :) Just kidding!

I just got back from a nice walk with hubby, 45 minutes of brisk walking, it's good for both of us. It's absolutely gorgeous out there today, a wonderful fall day, warm enough for short sleeves. Now this I can take, it just doesn't last long enough :)

Tonight is the annual Halloween party at our neighbor's and the kids are all excited. We had to go and buy costumes yesterday. Michael is a Ninja again this year, he doesn't like anything else. Gabrielle is going to be something like RobinHood/Link (game character) and she looks adorable. Rachel wants to be Snooky (I can't even believe she knows who that is), so we just got her funky sunglasses and fake nails. She'll figure the rest out herself. Right now she is cleaning her room with a vengeance since I told her she couldn't go otherwise. Nothing like a little incentive (again and again)

Well, gotta grab something to eat, I am starving!


Barb said...

What a great picture, Anke! Great lens for sure!! Love your house. And forget about the...what you call the looks homey to me and that is what a home is for. But that is what I love.

I never noticed the change in your is how it is this year!! LOL

Isn't it strange how incentives make kids seem to work so much better?? And I know Rachel knows you mean what you say. Way to go mom!!

Have fun at the party!! Sounds like a great night for it.

Terry said...

I am so jealous!!! Awesome!

Tracy said...

Looks like a "House & Garden" photo, great shot - what an awesome lens!

Beautiful art as per normal. ((HUGS))

Jeanne said...

If that is messy, you definitely don't want to see my house, Anke. LOL What a beautiful room and how thrilling for you to have that new lens to take it all in!

Your studio idea sounds great, now make it a reality! *Ü*

Fabulous layouts...(on that first one, you need a space between brand and new-you'd think I was slacking on my "job" if I didn't tell you and you saw it later-hee, hee)

Sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend!

Jana Holden said...

Awesome lens & I'm so happy for you! Nothing like getting a Christmas gift a little early! :) Love your coffee table & what you have on it! Your LOs are gorgeous & I especially love the greens all blended in the outdoor LO! Your blending is always superb! Have fun with your new lens!

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