Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Day After

The Fourth that is :) We didn't do anything much, we were invited to our neighbor's house, it's sort of  like a standing invitation. He always goes to Ohio to buy these awesome fireworks and then the whole neighborhood watches and oohs and aahs over them. It's kind of fun, hard to take pics though when you are right underneath. We had a little scare though. Phil arrived a little later (cause he hates this kind of stuff) and as soon as he sat down his heart started to race like crazy. He has had this before, sometimes after jogging. Usually it breaks after a while. I had to take him home and he felt like he couldn't breath. With all that's going on it was really scary. After a while it did break. The last time this happened it didn't break and I wound up taking him to the ER. No sooner did they have him hooked up to the EKG it broke. So he felt really stupid (for no reason of course) Well, long story short, he is okay, but it did scare him because of his wide open valve, which brings me to the middle of the week.

He was scheduled for the transesophogal Echocardiogram, which the surgeon in Pittsburgh requested. I was pacing in the waiting room (well, not literally, but emotionally) when the nurse came in to get me. I swear I thought my heart just fell into my shoes. I thought for sure  they found something that would need immediate attention. There the doctor just wanted me to be there when he explained his findings to Phil. I go in there and he is lying on his side while the cardiologist shows him the screen and explains stuff, colleague to colleague. That much for being the patient :) Anyway, he still thinks it's repairable, even more so now, so that was good news. The valve is wide open, but his heart is strong, so again, we need to wait to hear from Pittsburgh.

I scrapped a few pages from the day we were at our friend's house in Altoona. We picked the cherries off their tree, finding a new way to get them. Rachel was doing the cutsy thing in the bushes, she is good at that :)

2009-7-4-DD-Cherry-picking 2009-7-4-DD-children

from there we went to the party at our other friend's


their new puppy is so adorable, I did that page about him stealing the hohos before. That was on the same day. Our friend is usually very quiet and proper, so it was so funny so see her do this.


This is Max sticking his head out of the window while I am driving. I took this shot with my Iphone, so it's not the greatest, but it's the best I could get.

Here is one I did for PixelCanvas


Credits as always in my galleries on the right. It's just too much work to list them all again.

Well, that was the excitement for the last few days, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Terry said...

at least he is ok! Thank God!

Tracy said...

Thank Goodness Phil is okay! Sounds like a bit of a stressful time ((HUGS)) Beautiful art as per normal :)

latz said...

Sorry for your scare over the weekend. Sound like things are still looking hopeful--just more waiting! As always you and the family are in my prayers!

Heather said...

Oh Anke. I'm sending you many hugs and prayers your way.

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