Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week three

I am really trying to stay with it this time around. Here is the third week all done :)

I'm happy I got that all done. It's a challenge to find a good photo for the full bleed section.
I also found some time to get lesson 3 for Jana Morton's class on blending done. I just love playing around with her, she is amazing!

I'll probably wind up doing a full bleed page opposite of this one, maybe one with Riley, using this photo

My sister has finally joined the facebook crazies! I loved getting her invitation. We don't get to talk too often with her being in Germany, so I am hoping that we will be able to catch up with each other more often once she figures out how to use it.

An other great thing I just discovered is Words With Friends. It's playing scrabble on your phone and you all probably already know about it. Seems like I am the babe in the woods when it comes to games, which I usually don't get into. I don't have enough time as it is. This is really fun though, I love it!

Today is Riley's birthday and we ordered him a cake to make into a Star Wars theme with little figurines we bought. Gabrielle came up with the idea and she was so excited about it. I hope he liked it. She is up there now celebrating after having missed him earlier to go bowling. Oh well, we did Zumba instead, which is always great! In fact, I am heading for the shower right now, it's badly needed after an hour of jumping around! Have a wonderful evening everybody!


Jana Holden said...
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Jana Holden said...

The middle LO of your daughter is amazingly beautiful with all the blending effects! Good for you completing week 3 too!

jeanne said...

Can't wait to start the first class in the Blending series!!! You ROCKED it.

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