Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall is here

and the biggest sign of it is the fact that our pellet stove is running it's little heart out again. I do not like it one bit!!! Not the stove but the fact that fall is here. It's only in the 40s out there. Why oh why do we live in this part of the country?

I am back to editing photos. This beautiful couple is expecting their second baby next year, they are such wonderful parents already and they are so cute!

their little boy is the one I had posted photos of previously :) I'll get back to those pics real soon, good thing they are in no hurry!

Gabrielle is still dating her little buddy, he is a good kid, so I don't mind it too much, but I need to still keep an eye on them :) This was taken by his mom at her house, they had a good time carving that pumpkin. They are cute together I must say.

Remember I promised I would post some pictures of my new car. Well, Gabrielle and I washed it on Saturday and Rachel took some pictures of me afterwards. Just look at the car, not at me please :)

It's a nice ride but boy, does it ever suck up the gas....

Rachel was finally allowed to go to her friend's house. I had told her she wasn't allowed to go anywhere until her room was cleaned up. She did a halfway decent job, at least the floor is visible again and it's a good start. There is nothing like motivation :) She still has lots to do but we can go from there.

Well, I did get a few pages done too

that blending class with Jana Morton is amazing, I am learning a lot of new tricks and I just love it! I have always admired her style and to learn to achieve it is such a treat!

Well, gotta go, Phil's waiting to watch a movie with me..


Jana Holden said...

Hey Anke! I hear ya about the weather...fireplace is on tonight as we dip into the thirties! Awesome car! What kind is it? Cute time for them. Your LOs always rock! Have a great weekend!

Barb said...

Gabby with a boy! Doesn't seem possible. they have all grown so much. He is a cutie and they look so cute together!!

We are finally getting some cooler weather only it should be back in the 80's next week. Want me to sen some your way???

Car is beautiful!!! Looks huge compared to my little one!! LOL

As usual, such great pics you take. So glad you got into do it professionally

Jeanne said...

Great post, Anke. Thanks for sharing bits of your life with us. Love the layouts (as usual)!

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