Monday, March 7, 2011

First coat of paint

The painter was here today and started in the hall, the ceiling, the wall going up the steps. The bathroom got it's first coat and the ceiling and trim and door were painted. Wow!!! I love these little things ,they make such a difference. I can't even believe how nice the door looks now! No more banged up and scraped areas, it's nice and clean! I might just have this guy do everything, it's so worth it to look at clean, neat things for a change. Everything around here had gotten so old and banged up. That's what happens when you have kids around I guess (but they are worth it too)
Yesterday we had quite the snowstorm again, I think we got a couple of inches in the afternoon. We were thinking about going to the movies, but we scratched that idea. Going tonight instead (and skipping Karate again :(  ) I really want to see Unknown, it looks great. I love that kind of mystery movie!

A senior from a local High School was killed in a car accident this past Friday. From what I hear she was racing with another car and lost control and collided with another family's car (they had a 2-year-old in the back seat) What a shame, what a waste, what stupidity! Kids think they are immortal.... I always try to make these things into teaching moments with the kids. I hope some of it will stick!

See me in the mirror? :)

Here are the pages I did, first the 365 pages for the week before last...

and the rest..
having some fun with fruit roll-ups

Katie came out with this cute princess kit, so I had to go digging for some pictures of the kids at Disney. I can't believe how little they were, and so cute...

Gabby is still in love with stuffed animals :)

TG is always a star

and this one is for the heritage challenge. Yikes, I am heritage....

We just got back from watching "Unknown" Great movie, lots of twists and action, I really enjoyed it! Okay, off to watch a movie with hubby and then beddy buy time. Tomorrow will be here soon enough! Thanks for stopping by!


Barb said...

That looks great, Anke. I have enjoyed watching the progress. It is beautiful!!!

More snow? Not good. Spring can't be far away!!!

Jeanne said...

Wow, your bathroom looks absolutely gorgeous, Anke! I'm so happy for you all! I hope the kids will treat it well so it can last!

Your layouts are gorgeous, too. I love the action shot of your daughter diving. The Disney ones are adorable as is the one of you at the end of your post. You create wonderful pages!!

Terry said...

the bathroom looks great Anke.

Kids just do the dumbest things. Prayers going out to that family.

Anonymous said...

wowow the bathroom is super what a dramatic change the before and after would make a great page!!! i love before and afters enjoy fat tues!! jo

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